Revolutionize the measurement of CO2 footprints

Vaisala, a global leader in weather measurement systems, is looking to commercialize an existing scientific research system into a simple product and service suitable for the everyday life of the user.

Scientists have already developed the science behind CO2 measurements, but the high price point, poor usability and difficult maintenance requirements have made it difficult to spread the technology outside the scientific community.

The device has the potential to change the way we assess the carbon footprint of companies around the world, but your help is needed. There exists a multitude of challenges with the design, user experience, and commercialization of the product. You could be the one coming up with the winning solution for this impactful case.

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Create a new and exciting concept for the beloved Domino biscuit

Domino - “Finland’s most loved biscuit”, has a dear place in the hearts and minds of people as a timeless classic. However, enjoying the biscuits needs to be more than a safe bet on a Sunday evening - an experience that is fun, dynamic and exciting.

In this tasty challenge, your task is to make the Domino brand more enticing and relevant to the younger generations. How could the biscuit take advantage of its elegant, high-quality image, yet have an innovative tone and a credible means of communication? Domino needs to keep up with its peers - not only other biscuit brands, but also different kinds of trendy delicacies, such as ice creams and candy.

The Domino challenge definitely has a wide scope. However, your focus is more on the different aspects of packaging - for instance, its outlook and visuals, how it’s presented and distributed in the stores, what kind of innovative features it has, and the story it’s telling. Your imagination is the limit!

Fazer is looking for hackers from a variety of backgrounds. If you have insight in graphic design, storytelling, gamification, UX design, marketing - or just have a great vision and taste in how we should freshen up the biscuit business - this might be the case just for you! 

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Color up the painting process

When talking about renovating and painting processes, the usual barriers seem to be lack of time and knowhow. How to lower the consumers’ threshold to start a project? What kind of services could Tikkurila offer to ease it up and make it exciting?

Furthermore, consumers nowadays are more and more interested in health, safety and sustainability. How could Tikkurila, as a serious player in the painting industry, be a part in these global trends?

Tikkurila is looking for participants with a variety of study backgrounds. So why wait anymore, unleash your inner picasso, and make watching the paint dry something thrilling for once!

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Design the Future Shopping Center

As a shopping center owner, manager and developer, Citycon operates its business within a complex network of market actors. Two essential stakeholder groups in the network are the shopping center customers and Citycon’s tenants, both groups with varying characteristics and objectives. In this unique positioning within its ecosystem, Citycon facilitates the value creation processes of multiple actors.

In this challenge, your task is to come up with innovative and novel designs and services that seamlessly integrate physical and digital (“phygital”) value creation in future shopping centers. You’ll create a business case, exploring and discovering the untapped potential for Citycon, its tenants, and shopping center customers. You get to think bravely out of the box and defy the current way we see shopping centers, coming up with a creative solution that produces value for all the stakeholders.

Citycon is looking for bright-minded hackers from a wide range of backgrounds for this unique challenge. You could benefit from knowledge in business, IT, service design, or industrial engineering and management, but any multidisciplinary skills are highly valued.

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Create a Gamified Security Center Simulation

Using appropriate gamification elements – suitable for the B2B environment – your concept will help F-Secure’s partners see how they can easily build a holistic security service using F-Secure’s Award-Winning technology and a host of Professional Services.

In more concrete terms, your task is to create a gamified experience, where F-Secure’s partners could:

- Simulate expansion into new areas of security tech and services

- See what kind of resources it takes to run them

- Visualize what kind of impact their choices have, and

- Get a sense of how easy it is to build a holistic security service

This all needs to be communicated in a clear and enticing manner. That’s why F-Secure is looking for people with a wide range of backgrounds - be it business, design, or tech. In other words, we do not require you to be an expert in cybersecurity - you’ll learn as you go.

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