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The World's Leading Design Hackathon Is Here.

This year, Dash Hack is organized during the weekend of 20.11 - 22.11 in Helsinki center at GLO Hotel Art. Applications are now closed.

The World's Leading Design Hackathon Is Here Again.

This year, Dash hack is organized during the weekend of 20.11 - 22.11 in Helsinki and Espoo.

Want to learn about design thinking and teamwork?

Be part of an unforgettable event where you get to be creative, network with amazing people and solve real life problems?

Enjoy delicious free food and compete for money prizes?

Dash Hack is an event for you.

Applications are now closed.

Apply Now!

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2020 Event Info

What is Dash Hack?

In Dash Hack, you’ll get to team up with three other people - most likely from very different study backgrounds than you - to hack a unique solution for a tricky real life challenge.

Prior to the main event, you have the opportunity to attend a virtual prep-event and a company excursion. In these, you’ll get to meet your team members, learn the design thinking 101 - ie. think outside the box, and get background knowledge for your own challenge.

When is The Dash Hack?

The weekend on 20.11 - 22.11 is when the magic happens. You’ll experience the thrills of defining the problem, brainstorming the craziest ideas and finally coming up with a fool-proof solution. You’ll then pitch your ideas to the jury - may the best team win.

Keynote speakers, mentors and food.

The whole event also includes keynote speakers, tasty food and the best mentors to ease the process? All of this for free, of course.

Application Period

5.10. - 3.11

Virtual Preparation Event

7th November

Dash Hack

20.11. - 22.11




14:30 - 15:30

15:30 ->

Doors open

Opening ceremony



07:30 - 9:00

9:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 13:00

13:00 - 16:00

16:30 - 17:30

17:30 ->

Open breakfast


Lunch break*


Dinner break*


*The scheduled lunch and dinner breaks are time slots when the mentors and company representatives have their breaks and therefore aren’t reachable. The teams can however have their own lunch and dinner break when they want to order food with the Wolt-vouchers.


07:30 - 9:00

9:00 - 12:00


12:30 - 14:30

14:30 - 15:45

15:45 - 16:30


Open breakfast


Submissions end


Dinner break


Doors close

*Note that pitching takes place in stages and there will be time for lunch.





Doors open

Opening ceremony




Revolutionize the measurement
of CO2 Footprints

Do you have knowledge of service design, UX design, background in mathematics, physics, environmental engineering, unmatched business skills or perhaps an interest in visual and textual storytelling?

Are you interested in developing an impactful product for a more sustainable future? This might be the case for you!


Create a new and exciting concept for the beloved Domino biscuit

Two layers of crunchy, dark cocoa biscuits and a creamy white vanilla filling - the Domino biscuit is the beloved Finnish delicacy. However, while respecting the legacy and the elegance of the brand, now’s the time for some fresh perspectives. Think broadly - it could be related to the outlook of the packaging, how biscuits are presented in stores, the overall concept of biscuits... 

Could you be the one bringing biscuits to the new decade, and help the classic live up to its reputation?


Color Up the Painting Process

Let’s be real - we’ve all watched those renovating shows on TV, secretly fantasizing of creating our own dream house with just the perfect combination of colors. Unfortunately, the reality of planning and running a renovation project can get quite complicated and messy. 

That’s why Tikkurila now wants to make a change, together with you. In this challenge, you get to be creative and come up with solutions to spice up the painting process!


Design the Future Shopping Center

Shopping centers – the pulsating urban hubs at the heart of communities, where people come for everyday shopping, services, recreation and fun – offer an exciting platform where both physical and digital experiences can be innovatively intertwined.

Join Citycon, the leading shopping center owner, manager and developer in the Nordics, in designing these future shopping center experiences where physical meets digital!


Create a Gamified Security Center Simulation

How would it sound designing a gamified and engaging product experience?

In this interesting challenge, you’ll help
F-Secure’s partners fulfill their potential, and take part in F-Secure’s meaningful mission to help keep people and businesses safe - day-to-day.


GLO Hotel Art

With the recent pandemic news, we were facing a puzzle: How to organize the event safely, yet maximize the teamwork experience?

Solution: This year, Dash Hack will happen at the heart of Helsinki. We are going to GLO Hotel Art!

Yes, you read it correctly.

Each team will have their own hotel room for hacking the challenge. You’ll get to experience the magical atmosphere of a 4-star hotel where the rooms will be transformed into workplace-like nests of creativity. You’ll get to brainstorm with your team as long as you ever wish.

However, as the hotel room will be used as your office, for the night we recommend you to find a separate place of accommodation. You know, for the sake of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and such...

“GLO Hotel Art is a magical hotel that combines a colourful history with elegant modernity.”

We’re so excited!

Lönnrotinkatu 29,
00180 Helsinki

Startup Sauna

Location 1

Startup Sauna

Are you ready to reform the future? Our futuristic base in Otaniemi hosts Vaisala's participants.


Betonimiehenkuja 3D, Espoo



Terkko health hub

Location 2

Terkko Health Hub

In the heart of Meilahti medical campus, Terkko Health Hub opens its doors to the participants of Fazer's and Citycon's challenges.


Hartmanninkatu 4, Helsinki



Oh My Bay

Location 3

Oh My Bay

Participants of challenges will find themselves in an alternative reality in which nature has decided to take over.


Ruoholahdenkatu 21, Helsinki



Dash Wants You!

During the previous years, we’ve had a total of 1000+ participants from diverse backgrounds, whole-heartedly recommending Dash Hack. Are you ready to be the next Dasher?

Applications are now closed. We'll be shortly in touch with you regarding your acceptance - at the latest on Thursday 5th.

Please keep an eye out on your email - the message might drop to junkmail, too.

Apply Now!

P.S. To maximize the fun, ask your friend to apply, too!

Psst... Go check our main page to read the Dash Story and get to know our different projects!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does COVID-19 affect Dash Hack?

Your safety is our priority. Due to the global pandemic situation, we’re organizing Dash Hack in smaller hotel room hubs, connected via the virtual platform Brella. We’re constantly keeping an eye out on the governmental regulations, and will react accordingly. Either way, Dash Hack will be organized

Does this cost something?

No. The entire event, including the actual hacking, company excursions, a virtual prep-event, keynote speakers, mentoring of design experts, delicious meals, and sponsor products is free of charge.

Do I need prior experience of hacking?

No. The core idea of Dash is to try new things and learn. If you have any interest to see how Dash Hack is like, go and apply during the application period, 12.10. - 1.11.

I’m really bad at drawing and designing stuff, so I guess this isn’t for me?

Doesn’t matter! Dash Hack is for trying new things and learning, as well as working with people who have different skill sets. One can work on the visuals, one come up with the craziest ideas, one have more in-depth insight in the challenge field...

Is there an age limit?

Yes, you have to be at least 18 to apply.

Are there language requirements?

In Dash Hack, English will be the main language.

Do I need to bring my own food?

No, we will take care of you and make sure that your belly stays full. We’ll be offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

What do you imply by ‘design?

We in Dash see design as a mindset that makes life a bit easier and enjoyable. For us, design is a set of tools that helps create sustainable solutions and optimal experiences for both customers and organizations. And it’s definitely something that everybody could - and should - learn.

Can I get ECTS credit from participating?

Aalto students can apply for 2 ects credits that go in your elective studies. All you need to do is attend, have fun and write a report (it’s like a two-pager, you can do it!) after the event and send it to us.

Do I need to be a design student or a student in Aalto?

No. Everyone interested in design is warmly welcome to apply! This year, we’re encouraging even more students from different study backgrounds to participate.

Can I come without a group / can I have a group?

You apply as an individual - we take care of the team forming process, and make sure your team will be diverse, functional and awesome.

Where can I sleep?

Due to the uncertain situation regarding the pandemic, we advise everyone to find their own place for accommodation.

How can I get to GLO Hotel Art?

You can get conveniently to GLO Hotel Art with public transportation - it's in the center of Helsinki! You can find the address a bit above on this website, and see the itinerary on hsl.fi/

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email to info@dash.design. We’ll help you out!

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